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Cranberry Pretzel Pie

Cranberries are a popular ingredient these days. With Thanksgiving around the corner, most people will use it for the traditional cranberry sauce to serve with turkey. But there are other uses for cranberries, especially when it comes to dessert! ...

Blog: What's Cookin, Chicago?
Posted on: Nov 15, 2016 |  Original Post

Round Up: Potato Passion!

One thing we always have on hand at our house are potatoes.It's no wonder - my Irish husband feels potatoes are what makes a meal! That said, we've had our fair share of potatoes incorporated into our meals. Sometimes they'll be used as a side, main ...

Blog: What's Cookin, Chicago?
Posted on: Nov 04, 2016 |  Original Post

Caprese Sliders

I can't believe we're already halfway through the month of September - where did the time go?! Just thinking about all the great summer produce that won't be available makes me wish summer could last just a little bit longer. Especially, the ...

Blog: What's Cookin, Chicago?
Posted on: Sep 16, 2016 |  Original Post

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Life is nothing less than hectic these days. We've been keeping busy between piano lessons, Cub Scouts, gym workouts... while still balancing the usual everyday household stuff. And with our hectic schedule, we've found brinners - breakfast for ...

Blog: What's Cookin, Chicago?
Posted on: Sep 14, 2016 |  Original Post

Pan-Fried Soft Shell Crab & Cornmeal Crabcakes

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We've extended our weekend to a whole week... and we're eating our way through Boston, MA. Follow us on Instagram (@wcchicago) to see what delicious things we're up to! Since we're visiting the east coast, it seems ...

Blog: What's Cookin, Chicago?
Posted on: Aug 15, 2016 |  Original Post

Round Up: Beach Eats!

As we start to wind down for the summer, you may be trying to squeeze in a few more lazy days at the beach or pool! I know we're scrambling to find some time for relaxing by the water before the chaos of the fall and upcoming school season creeps ...

Blog: What's Cookin, Chicago?
Posted on: Aug 12, 2016 |  Original Post

Teriyaki Ginger Chicken Skewers

Still firing up those grills?! I've been on a skewer kick lately because somehow I came across a box full of wooden bamboo skewers I forgot about from previous summers. So when you have a box of skewers, you try making whatever you can on a stick ...

Blog: What's Cookin, Chicago?
Posted on: Aug 09, 2016 |  Original Post

Shrimp & Avocado Cocktail Salad

We've been experiencing quite a heatwave here in Chicago. And when temperatures rise, I tend to reach for salads and other no-cook recipes for meals. This Shrimp & Avocado Cocktail Salad is one I recently prepared, which was a perfect cool meal. ...

Blog: What's Cookin, Chicago?
Posted on: Jul 27, 2016 |  Original Post

Low Country Southern Boil

Happy Monday -  hope you had a wonderful summer weekend! We were busy teaching back to back culinary classes at our kitchen studio in Chicago this past Saturday and boy, was it a delicious blast. Our first class of the day was our Low Country ...

Blog: What's Cookin, Chicago?
Posted on: Jul 18, 2016 |  Original Post

Round Up: Frozen Faves!

Summer is at it's peak with warm (hot!) weather. To help cool off, ice cream usually does the trick along with anything frozen! We've been getting our share of frozen treats lately to beat the heat, so what better time than now to share some of our ...

Blog: What's Cookin, Chicago?
Posted on: Jul 15, 2016 |  Original Post

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