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Your Selection: Philadelphia, PA (10 mile radius) , Roti
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Palace at the Ben  834 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA

Dinner Menu / Bread » traditional white bread, baked in the tandoor

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Trini Chicken Roti

Rum Bar  2005 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA

Entrees » curried chicken, cheese, and veggies wrapped in homemade roti

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Chicken Roti

Tazia  101 North 11th Street, Philadelphia PA

Taste » indian style pancake, chicken curry stew

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King of Tandoor   1824 Callowhill St, Philadelphia PA

Bread » unleavened bread freshly baked in the tandoor

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5. Roti Canai

China Moon   1030 S 8th St, Philadelphia PA

Appetizers » it's the all favored malaysian crispy india style pancake with chef's special curry as dipping sauce

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1. Roti Canai - Indian Pancake

Aqua   705 Chestnut St, Philadelphia PA

Appetizers » it's malaysian all-time favorite crispy indian style pancake served with potato curry

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Minar Palace   1304 Walnut St, Philadelphia PA

Indian Breads » round flatbread made of unleavened white flour

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Tandoori Naan

Mumbai Bistro   930 Locust St, Philadelphia PA

Delivery & Take Out / Bread & Rice » unleavened white bread.

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Chholle Bhature

San Samosa   1214 Walnut St, Philadelphia PA

Asian Appetizers » new delhi style spiced garbanzo curry served with fried naan.

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Lemon Scented Hummus

Square 1682   121 S 17th St, Philadelphia PA

Lunch / First Plates » herb and garlic naan

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1. Homemade Roti Canai

Banana Leaf   1009 Arch St, Philadelphia PA

Appetizers » it's malaysian all time favorite, crispy styles pancake & curry chicken with potato dipping sauce. indian pancake

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