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Umberto's Clam House Restaurant Deal

Umberto's Clam House

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In 1970, 35-year-old Umberto (Robert) Ianniello strolled around little Italy and realized there were only a couple of seafood restaurants in the entire neighborhood. Named after the last Prince of Italy, Umberto kept the idea to himself for a little while, until one day when he was speaking with his parents he mentioned it. His parents encouraged Umberto to realize his dream, and in 1972, Umberto Ianniello opened his restaurant, Umberto’s Clam House on Mulberry Street.With an unpretentious atmosphere, and an overriding concern by Ianniello that all the seafood served at the restaurant be as fresh as possible and prepared in their soon-to-be-renowned open kitchen, the restaurant became an overnight success.“Celebrities, and anybody who was anybody in the City,” recounted Ianniello, came for lunch, dinner or a 3AM snack, since we were–and still are open until 4AM.”“Sports figures from Paul O’Neill to Sammy Sosa, actors and entertainers from Anthony Quinn to Bette Midler, and politicians from former Mayor Beame to Senator Alfonse D’Amato picked up on the buzz our food was making around town from the very first day we opened our doors,” said Umberto. To this day, as we go into the new millennium, as recently as in the past few months, people such as Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Michael Douglas and Bette Midler continue to come back because of the food and the fact that Umberto’s captures the true flavor of little Italy in every way,” mentioned Ianniello.Ultimately, it’s our unpretentious ambience and professional service, combined with the fact that we provide the freshest, most authentic product possible–all at a very reasonable price–that counts.”Umberto’s full menu of Italian seafood specialties, traditional ocean fare, pastas, steaks and chops, can be view in their website. Umberto’s original offerings of red and white clam sauces, in hot, medium or sweet varieties over an assortment of pastas are still among its most requested dishes.Umberto’s sauces are painstakingly simmered for hours, fresh, each day. Just as they were when they were first served on Umberto's Clam House tables in 1972. Originally, Umberto was opposed to serving anything other than seafood at his establishment. But, sometime around 1996, specially prepared steaks and chops found their way onto the restaurant’s menu. “Some customers insisted, so we complied,” said Robert Ianniello.lighter fare, including an assortment of soups, chowders and newer Italian seafood specialties like lobster ravioli, among others, have recently been added and await your personal review.As Umberto’s states in its advertising, it is “The Heart of little Italy. If you want a taste of little Italy, you’ve got to taste the food at Umberto’s Clam House.”

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Umberto's Clam House

Phone: (212) 431-7545
Address: 132 Mulberry Street, New York
Cuisine: Italian
Open Daily 11AM To 4AM
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