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Gol! The Taste Of Brazil Restaurant Deal

Gol! The Taste Of Brazil

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The Brazilian style of eating is famous for its grilling of meat,churrasco style.  This began with the Brazilian cowboys called Gauchos. Back in the day the Gauchos would end each round-up bygathering for dinner around a large open pit where they would grilllwhatever meat they had on hand that day. The boys would learn the art ofgrilling from their fathers and in this way the churrasco method wouldbe passed down generations with each group adding  new aspects to thisculinary art. This open pit system of outdoor cooking eventually became a Brazilian tradition. Restaurantssoon opened along the highways to serve truck drivers who would travelthe long roadways bringing agricultural products to the big cities. Eventually, Churrascarias opened in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro withhigher and higher levels of sophistication. Gol! The Taste of Brazil brings unmatched variety and sophistication to the tradition ofBrazilian Churrascarias. Aside from a tremendous variety of high qualitymeats and chicken, we also serve grilled shrimp and salmon. Our salad bar also offers healthy vegetarian alternatives. Many ofthese items are low-carb and do not contain trans-fats, such asbuttersnut squash soup, vegetable soup, edimame, grilled tofu, hearts ofpalm, hearts of artichoke, fresh asparagus and many  of otheralternatives, fresh every day.

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Gol! The Taste of Brazil

Phone: (561) 272-6565
Address: 411 East Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach
Cuisine: Brazilian
Open Daily: 5PM To 11PM
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