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Elizabeth Street Cafe, Soco, Austin

Elizabeth’s Street Cafe serves French Vietnamese cuisines such as crepes, pastries, banh mi, pho, noodles and coffee in a lovely atmosphere. The pricing is more than double the price of Vietnamese fare at the mom and pop shops I have been ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: Mar 07, 2012 |  Original Post

Hopdoddy Burger Bar, Soco, Austin

Given the tremendously long line at Hopdoddy, we knew we would be trying it during an off hour. We hopped into line, the waitress gave us a number and assigned us a seat in the dining room. As we ordered at … Continue reading →

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: Mar 06, 2012 |  Original Post

Amy’s Ice Cream, Soco, Austin

Amy’s Ice Cream was started by Amy Simmons in 1984 (who previously worked for Steve’s Ice Cream, while she was in college in Boston). Amy’s sells three sizes and we went the small size and the ice cream shop offers … Continue ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: Mar 05, 2012 |  Original Post

The Mighty Cone, Soco, Austin

The Mighty Cone‘s origins began because of the Austin City Limit Music Festival. The ACL’s organizers contacted Chef Jeff Blank, who was famous for making an encrusted trout. Jeff created a less expensive rendition of his encrusted dish ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: Mar 05, 2012 |  Original Post

Izzoz Tacos, Soco, Austin

Izzoz Tacos is the Spanish version of mellizo or fraternal twins and is located next to Gourdough’s. Izzoz serves tortas, tostadas and is popular for garlic fries. Izzoz tacos are more traditional fillings, the straight up classic tacos ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: Mar 03, 2012 |  Original Post

Jo’s, SoCo, Austin

We stopped by Jo’s because some solid live music was being played in their outdoor area. Then we tried ordering some breakfast tacos, but they were all out. Joe’s some unique sandwiches including Hot Pepper Beef, thinly sliced rare roast ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: Mar 02, 2012 |  Original Post

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