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Foodies Have Fun July Podcast!

The July podcast is here!  We have tons of material for our July podcast! Download or listen to our latest podcast to find out more about Ana’s first DC review of a Thai restaurant called Little Serrow. Maria also talks about a trip to ...

Blog: Foodies Have Fun
Posted on: Jul 24, 2016 |  Original Post

Boda, Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is a lovely city that is diverse and has a fun, quirky vibe to it. We stopped at Boda on the way home for a quick bite to eat. They pride themselves on being a “very Thai kitchen and street-vendor inspired … Continue ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: May 07, 2012 |  Original Post

Standard Baking Co., Portland

We stopped by The Standard Baking Co. for some pastries for later. Immediately upon entrance, the smell of fresh bread and cookies wafted throughout the air. Boules, french bread baguettes and rolls Cookies, tarts and scones Standard Baking Co. had ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: May 07, 2012 |  Original Post

East End Cupcakes, Portland

East End Cupcakes is relative new to the Fore Street Portland scene and competed on Cupcake Wars. How does the cupcakes stack up? My single sample was luscious and a little cup of pleasure. As I carried my pink cupcake … Continue reading ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: May 05, 2012 |  Original Post

Coffee By Design, Portland

Coffee By Design, a Maine-owned coffee company and micro-roastery, has been operating for over fifteen years and has several locations throughout Maine and in Portland locations on Washington, Congress and India Street. CBD sources its beans in ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: May 05, 2012 |  Original Post

Green Elephant, Portland

We have been meaning to go to The Green Elephant several times now. The Green Elephant is a vegetarian’s food haven. There is friendly service, great selection of Asian inspired fare and delightful, kitschy design. I love the ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: May 04, 2012 |  Original Post

Mornings in Paris, Portland (Revisited)

I knew I would be returning to the charming cafe Mornings in Paris (BMH first visit to Mornings in Paris) owned by Isabelle Julien. The copperware, gilded gold frames and exposed brick creates a cozy ambiance. It was lovely to look at the ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: May 03, 2012 |  Original Post

Stonewall Kitchen, Portland

I first learned about Stonewall Kitchen because of their partnership with Ina Garten and her Barefoot Contessa brand. Her baking mixes are fantastic. In 1991, Stonewall Kitchen was created by co-founders Jonathan King and Jim Stott started ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: May 01, 2012 |  Original Post

J’s Oyster Bar, Portland

J’s Oyster Bar is a local institution in Portland and is authentic and Portland as it comes. The J stands for the restaurant’s owner Janice “J” Noyes and J’s Oyster is the epitome of a locally owned Maine seafood ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: May 01, 2012 |  Original Post

Sebago Brewing Company, Portland

Sebago Brewing Company has four locations in Maine and serves craft and seasonal beers. Their restaurant/bars serves pub fare including Maine lobster quesadillas, potato nachos, cajun dusted haddock bites, shrimp tacos, burgers and salads. The ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: Apr 30, 2012 |  Original Post

Voodoo to You Too - Voodoo Doughnuts

Voodoo is not evil - except for calories. I went to New Orleans about ten years ago courtesy of The Pampered Chef. I had earned a trip to the conference there and I was so excited to explore the city. One of the stops I made was at the Voodoo ...

Blog: Munchie Musings
Posted on: Dec 06, 2011 |  Original Post

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