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Hungarian Meatballs

I’ve partnered with Veal Made Easy to bring you this recipe.  Thank you to my readers for supporting the brands that help make The Daring Gourmet possible. Friends, you simply have to make these meatballs!  Your… Continue reading ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: Sep 25, 2016 |  Original Post

Nai Tapas Bar

Last Wednesday, I was invited for a press dinner. This, at a great eclectic tapas place with some molecular gastronomy thrown in.  And a nice wine selection to flow with the tapas, with only a beer at the beginning. The one thing I’ll ...

Blog: bonvivant
Posted on: Feb 01, 2016 |  Original Post

America’s Secret 2015 Food Destinations

(BPT) – With their incredible restaurants seemingly appearing overnight, cities such as Brooklyn and Portland have long since been discovered as foodie destinations. If you want coal-fired pizza ovens, craft beer or artisan doughnuts, you only ...

Blog: Jewel's Fab Life: Fashion, Fun and Everything Fabulous!
Posted on: May 03, 2015 |  Original Post

Easy Slow-Cooker Pot Roast with Carrots, Potatoes, Mushrooms & Onions

If you’re like me you enjoy dinnertime, but you don’t want to stress over what is being served.  To make it easier I make a menu and grocery list every week.  Then during the week I see what dinner suits us that night, whether ...

Blog: Make Ahead Meals For Busy Moms
Posted on: Apr 30, 2015 |  Original Post

Beef Stir-fry with Snow Peas and Mushrooms

Who doesn’t enjoy a good stir-fry? One of the things I about Chinese food, aside from the fact that it’s delicious, is that it’s generally so doggone quick to make.  Really the only time involved… Continue reading ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: Apr 26, 2015 |  Original Post

Mushroom, Ham and Wild Rice soup

Typically made with chicken, this wild rice soup really benefits from the flavor of smoked ham.  Quite frankly, it’s better than chicken.  This Mushroom, Ham and Wild Rice Soup is super easy to put together… Continue reading ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: Mar 21, 2015 |  Original Post

Easy Green Bean Casserole From Scratch

Thank you Del Monte and POPSUGAR Select for sponsoring this post! I don’t know when or how or by whom the classic green bean casserole was invented, but whoever did should have a holiday named… Continue reading → The post Easy ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 |  Original Post

Smothered Chicken

Chicken smothered in an intensely creamy mushroom and bacon gravy.  Dig in!Continue reading: Smothered Chicken You May Also Like:31 January, 2013 Coq Au Vin1 February, 2013 Pasta Milano Soup27 August, 2013 Doro Wat (Spicy Ethiopian… Continue ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: Apr 23, 2014 |  Original Post

Gibbet Hill Grill, Groton, MA

After a lovely day at the Somerville’s Winter Farmer’s Market to sample the Popover Lady’s airy cinnamon and sugar popovers and art purchase at Lowell’s Western Avenue Studios, we drove towards Groton. Our ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: Jan 26, 2014 |  Original Post

Stuffed Mushrooms

I know what you're thinking. "Ooooh, stuffed mushrooms! Finally, a vegetarian appetizer! I wonder if it's healthy..." I'm sorry, sweet friend, but today is not the day for vegetarian or healthy appetizers. While I have a soft spot for those and ...

Blog: Confessions of a Chocoholic
Posted on: Nov 24, 2013 |  Original Post

Meatless Monday: Grill Style

If Facebook is any clue, a LOT of my besties participate in Meatless Monday.  It’s an “easy to remember”  public health campaign that encourages individuals to start the week off with healthy meat-free meals. Here in South ...

Blog: Jewel's Fab Life: Fashion, Fun and Everything Fabulous!
Posted on: May 23, 2013 |  Original Post

Restaurant Style Chinese Hot and Sour Soup (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Good restaurant Chinese hot and sour soup has a very distinct flavor that can be challenging to replicate.  And not all restaurant hot and sour soups are created equal.  Not by a long shot.  Though you may not be able to pinpoint the difference, ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: May 20, 2013 |  Original Post

Porcini Mushroom Linguine with Chicken, Shiitakes and Gorgonzola (+ GIVEAWAY!)

In general, I’ve become pretty tired of store-bought pasta.  Do you feel the same?  Even the “flavored” ones lack flavor.  Either they don’t add enough of the flavoring to begin with – be it tomato, roasted red ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: May 09, 2013 |  Original Post

Chicken Wellington with Morels, Caramelized Onions & Gorgonzola

  Puff pasty is divine.  What puff pastry dish doesn’t taste good?  Whether sweet or savory, puff pastry is manna from heaven.  Light, crispy, airy, delicate. It’s exact origin is unknown.  Some have attributed it to Claude ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: Apr 24, 2013 |  Original Post

Geschnetzeltes (Creamy Hunter’s Sauce)

Geschnetzeltes (prounounced geh-shnet-sel-tess), German for “sliced meat”, is a sauce with pork or veal, mushrooms and cream that is popular throughout Germany and Switzerland, some versions named Züricher Geschnetzeltes. ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: Mar 26, 2013 |  Original Post

Hungarian Mushroom Pasta

This is the pasta sauce version of my popular Hungarian Mushroom Soup.  I had noted at the end of that recipe that the soup was fantastic as a sauce and simply required extra thickening to transform it.  We had family over this past weekend and I ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: Mar 12, 2013 |  Original Post

Japanese Mushroom, Tofu and Vermicelli Soup

Simple and simply wonderful.  That’s the best way to describe this Japanese soup made in just under 10 minutes.  Shiitake mushrooms, soft tofu, and cellophane noodles (also called Chinese vermicelli) form the bulk of this soup along with ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: Feb 16, 2013 |  Original Post

Creamy Fettuccine with Shiitake & Porcini

A Daring Gourmet original, coming up with a name for this was super fun!  I finally arrived at something both poetic and whimsical.  What do you think? “Creamy Fettuccine with Shiitake and Porcini.”  (Shiitake is pronounced ...

Blog: The Daring Gourmet
Posted on: Feb 09, 2013 |  Original Post

Hangawi, Koreatown, New York City

Hangawi is a lovely Korean vegetarian tea house and zen oasis in Koreatown. The ambiance reminded us of Cha An in East Village (BMH’s reviews of Cha-An - Revisited) and event had pitted seating for our feet as we sat on the ...

Blog: BakingMeHungry
Posted on: Jan 30, 2013 |  Original Post

Mushroom Soup and My Sisters

Let me tell you about the hardest part of living in a different country. After eight years of living in the US, there is still one thing that I have not, can not, will never, get over: It is not being able to spend as much time as I want with my ...

Blog: Confessions of a Chocoholic
Posted on: Oct 10, 2012 |  Original Post


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