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Strawberry Lemonade: Thanks to Pinterest!

My “pinspiration”- Pin Source My pic- My take? Love this! I made a big pitcher of it and it is so refreshing! I used regular water but was thinking a splash of sparkling would jazz it up too! And it was super cheap to make since I used lemons ...

Blog: Eat and Sip in the City
Posted on: Aug 02, 2013 |  Original Post

Mariposa & White Wine Sangria Recipe

I recently tried the brand new, first-ever agave nectar liquer Mariposa! Produced by Heaven Hill Distilleries of Bardstown, KY, Mariposa Agave Nectar Liqueur is a natural sweetener similar to honey. I received plenty of recipes with the bottle to ...

Blog: Eat and Sip in the City
Posted on: Aug 21, 2012 |  Original Post

Celebrate the Olympics with Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro’s Record Thyme Cocktail Recipe

The Olympics are finally here! To commemorate the occasion, the Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro has created a specialty cocktail to enjoy in their restaurant and bar, the Record Thyme, for $11.00. Head in there now through August 12, 2012 or you can ...

Blog: Eat and Sip in the City
Posted on: Jul 27, 2012 |  Original Post

Italian White Wine Spritzer Recipe

I have not been shy about my love for wine spritzers, to sip just about everywhere I go. There are so many different ways to make it. So I thought, why not ask an expert their version of the perfect combo. Here’s a wine spritzer recipe from ...

Blog: Eat and Sip in the City
Posted on: Jul 17, 2012 |  Original Post

Shades of Grey Cocktail Recipe

I am sure you may have heard of a little book – Fifty Shades of Grey? If you haven’t, do you live under a rock? No but seriously, it is causing women of all ages to flock to their nearest x-rated shops for toys to amp up their own life in ...

Blog: Eat and Sip in the City
Posted on: Jun 27, 2012 |  Original Post

BHHB Obama Cocktail Recipe

Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro, located on charming Charles Street, will offer a new cocktail, “The Obama,” in celebration of the president’s support for marriage equality and gay rights. In the spirit of Boston Pride Week and from now through ...

Blog: Eat and Sip in the City
Posted on: May 11, 2012 |  Original Post

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