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Eggplants, tomatoes & pecorino: the last taste of summer

It’s always sad come back from holidays and it’s even sadder if you leave sand, sea and sun and find yourself already in autumn! So, even if outside it’s raining, I love to cook something that keeps my mind on the beach, that ...

Blog: Kitchen memories
Posted on: Sep 27, 2013 |  Original Post

Focaccia with cherry tomatoes & black olives: comfort food for mom’s thoughts

I suppose that something like that happened almost once to everyone: you wake up in the morning, look back and ask yourself how it’s possible that your life has changed so much in so little time. If you are a new mother like I am, this ...

Blog: Kitchen memories
Posted on: Apr 07, 2013 |  Original Post

Pumpkin & Cognac cream: a Renaissance tale about a diamonds palace…

When I think about fairy tales sometimes occurs to me that Italy was probably a perfect setting and a truly source of inspiration. There was a time when the country was divided in kingdoms an duchies. Dynasties as de’ Medici, Gonzaga and ...

Blog: Kitchen memories
Posted on: Dec 19, 2012 |  Original Post

Ratatouille, Halloween & a French cemetery story

Breaking news: Halloween is coming! It’s really strange for me think at this event especially because it wasn’t common at all when I was young in Italy. In this very same period in Italy we celebrate the Saint (1 November) and the death ...

Blog: Kitchen memories
Posted on: Oct 30, 2012 |  Original Post

Ricotta & pumpkin verrine, a farm & a love story

Hallo world, seems that the great pumpkin season has started! For me this vegetable has never been such a special ingredient until, around one year ago, I had a very nice moment while eating a pumpkin! I was pregnant and both me and my brother ...

Blog: Kitchen memories
Posted on: Oct 10, 2012 |  Original Post

Cauliflower & tuna balls: the Italian passion for “polpette”!

Confession: every time I make a travel I leave my house saying: “No, this time I swear I won’t go to eat Italian!”… and every time I end up in an Italian restaurant asking myself  ”why do they have spaghetti with ...

Blog: Kitchen memories
Posted on: Aug 24, 2012 |  Original Post

Mediterranean crispry chicken, Pericles & a special football match

As you probably know, football is a preatty serious thing in Italy and I love it especially because it’s the perfect excuse to organise a party with friends. But football matches sometimes represent something more… and that’s the ...

Blog: Kitchen memories
Posted on: Jun 22, 2012 |  Original Post

Mini pie with smoked salmon & zucchini, because summer is a state of mind

Yesterday was, again, a rainy day. After a long and cold winter and such a rainy spring I have to say that I had enough! So I started thinking at what I could do to let summer least in my head! You know, a bit of positive thinking never ...

Blog: Kitchen memories
Posted on: May 25, 2012 |  Original Post

Days of fishing and picknicking: frittata with vegetables, cheese, bacon and sweet memories

Spring has always been my preferred season. After the long and cool winter months the sun returns, the nature wakes up again and, in my childhood, the trips finally started! Dad has always had a marvelous hobby: go fishing! A contagious one (also my ...

Blog: Kitchen memories
Posted on: May 23, 2012 |  Original Post

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