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Shake Shack Grand Central

This post is from March 2014.  Before I had my baby.  Wondering why I didn’t get to updating this sooner.  This ‘shroom burger – their mushroom burger is fairly decent.  The mushroom doesn’t overwhelm you.  Fried, ...

Blog: bonvivant
Posted on: Oct 18, 2015 |  Original Post

The Hamilton Inn

This has to be worst ravioli in brown butter sauce I’ve had.  Oh the picture the description painted and this is what arrived.  I’m surprised I braved some of it.  Hubster’s vegetarian burger was somewhat better. Not again! ...

Blog: bonvivant
Posted on: Aug 20, 2015 |  Original Post

BurgerFi – Rapid Burger-fication

Today's generation of burger joints have stepped up to the evolving tastes of consumers. As these regional chains encroach enemy territory, options expand for consumers. It truly is a great time to enjoy a hamburger. . . . → Read More: ...

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Apr 09, 2013 |  Original Post

Swine Restaurant Review – I Have No More Pig Related Puns for Titles

Embodying the spirit of architecting the simple--in feel and in food--Swine pulls off a thoughtful casual without a hitch. Just another place to keep in the back of your pocket walking through the culinary blessed area that is the West Village. . . ...

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Nov 12, 2012 |  Original Post

DuMont Restaurant Review

Over 10 years ago, DuMont was ahead of its time. Today, it's still an attraction, just not as groundbreaking as it once was. . . . → Read More: DuMont Restaurant Review

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Oct 10, 2012 |  Original Post

Quick Write-Up – New York Beer Company

We ordered a simple burger, which was quite tasty. The more elaborate dishes such as rock shrimp failed to impress. My recommendation would be to stick with wings, fries, burgers and beer. . . . → Read More: Quick Write-Up – New York ...

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Jul 01, 2012 |  Original Post

Social Eatz Review – Fusion Workz

Chef Sosa's balanced fusion creations remind us that with good understanding of flavors from different cultures, fusion works. . . . → Read More: Social Eatz Review – Fusion Workz

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: May 13, 2012 |  Original Post

Shake Shack Review – The Perfect Burger

I call this the perfect burger. Sure it's not the most tasty burger, but for the price and flavor combination, it's unbeatable. In-and-out comes close, but can't shake its fast food roots. This is casual food with a fine dining pedigree. . . . ...

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Mar 25, 2012 |  Original Post

Quick Write-Up – Burger Joint at Le Parker Meriden Review

Juicy and preferably cooked medium rare. There's not much special about it, no special toppings or sauces. It's just damn good. You're pretty much bound to make a small mess, though not from greasy but from juices dripping. . . . → Read More: ...

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Feb 10, 2012 |  Original Post

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