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The adventures of two sisters + food enthusiasts as they bake, cook, and eat anything, anywhere.

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Why Baking Me Hungry was nominated?

For their combination of photos and details about each dish. We also appreciate the fact that Baking Me Hungry eats out all around from downtown to the suburbs and often revisits and reposts details with each visit.

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Island Creek Oyster Bar, Kenmore Square, Revisited Dinner

We had dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar recently since we are huge fans of brunch, the lobster roll and drinks there. We already believe that the cold lobster salad roll at ICOB much is better than the one at B&G Oysters and definitely rivals Neptune Oyster’s popular hot-buttered version, if you prefer chilled lobster salad dressed in a light mayo with minimal bits of crunchy celery and onion.

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Why Eat Big Apple was nominated?

For a little history on the restaurant and the many photos of the multi-course meal at Bouley. We also appreciate the perspective that the blogger brings to the whole "celebrity chef" movement.

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Bouley Review – An Incredible Lunch

25 years ago, the word Bouley was the definition of fine dining in New York City. It was a time before Daniel Boulud’s Daniel, before Jean Georges Vongerichten’s Jean-Georges. In 1987, David Bouley opened his namesake restaurant Bouley, and became the darling of Tribeca.

In the 2 decades, his peers have expanded globally, some of his disciples expanded nationally, David Bouley remained in Tribeca. It’s as if time stood still for one chef, while the rest of the culinary world moved on.

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