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Al Vicoletto near Union Square, NYC

Located few steps from Union Square, Al Vicoletto is an Italian eatery and gourmet market. I like the vibe of the place that has a certain energy and a European feel. At the beginning of the meal, they gave us some bread, as well as a small ...

Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Nov 23, 2016 |  Original Post

Event at Petrossian in NYC, New York

When it comes to elegance and gourmet food, Petrossian comes into my mind. The famous caviar purveyor has, for a long time, showcased some products that go beyond the treasured fish eggs. And this time, they invited me as well as other press / ...

Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Nov 21, 2016 |  Original Post

KitchenAid workshop with Ron Ben-Israel and Marcia Selden Catering

One evening last week, I was invited to a workshop by KitchenAid, with Pastry Chef Ron Ben-Israel and Robin and Jeffrey Selden from Marcia Selden Catering. I went there with my friend Malini, The Restaurant Fairy, so now you will know that I am ...

Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Nov 20, 2016 |  Original Post

Bustan, Mediterranean cuisine on the Upper West Side

Last week, I was invited at Bustan, a restaurant located on the Upper West Side, that serves Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. I was not able to meet with Bustan's new partner and Executive Chef Raphael Hasid, but chatted a bit with ...

Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Nov 13, 2016 |  Original Post

Bombay Grill House in Hell's Kitchen

We were walking on 9th Avenue when we stumbled upon Bombay Grill House and the photo of their thali, a plate containing various dishes making a full meal, from appetizer to dessert. I discover Thali many years ago in Mumbai and specifically ...

Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Nov 01, 2016 |  Original Post

Esperanto, Latin cuisine in Alphabet City, NYC

I love NY for the diversity of its food and was not disappointed after eating at Esperanto, a Latin restaurant located in Alphabet City that is celebrating its 17th Anniversary. This place has a neighborhood latin café feel that I always like to ...

Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Oct 30, 2016 |  Original Post

Mentoku Ramen in Hell's Kitchen

When temperatures start to go down, I am always looking forward for ramen. I was really looking forward to try Mentoku in Hell's Kitchen. I saw that place while walking down the street and noticed their spicy ramen with...whipped cream. Not that ...

Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Oct 28, 2016 |  Original Post

Fogo de Chao in NYC, New York

The last time I went to Fogo de Chao was few months after this upscale steakhouse opened, back in December 2013. I even went to one of their locations in Sao Paolo that I found of lesser quality than their sister restaurant in the big apple. ...

Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Oct 26, 2016 |  Original Post

Rice 'n' Beans in Hell's Kitchen, NYC, NY

I passed so many times in front of Rice 'n' Beans in Hell's Kitchen, thinking it was a takeout place and not realizing that, first it is a Brazilian place (I could have by simply looking at the flag, but did not pay attention because, again, I ...

Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Oct 18, 2016 |  Original Post

Empanadas Café in Hoboken, NJ

I will not surprise anybody by saying that Empanadas Café serves mainly...empanadas. If you want to eat something else, you are going to be very, very, very, limited. I was excited to go there, not only because I love empanadas, those little ...

Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Oct 16, 2016 |  Original Post

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