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Texas de Brazil Review – Rump Roast a Plenty

Flipping to the green side of the coin became a bittersweet decision. You knew what would come with the green light, but were you ready for it?

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: May 13, 2015 |  Original Post

Lenox Sapphire Review – Senegalese, A New Craving to Succumb To

The powerhouse flavors of this cuisine I foresee will wreck havoc on my already complicated system of cravings, how will Thiebu Djen take on Chicken and Waffles?

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Feb 13, 2015 |  Original Post

Sage General Store – On the Edge of Queens

Luckily for me, I’ve brought my sights back in - perhaps it is time for others to make the trek.

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Jul 31, 2014 |  Original Post

Empire Steak House Review – A Familiar Sizzle

Is there never enough porterhouse to go around for the city or are we moving towards saturating the Peter Luger derivative market? Not with this meal at least.

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: May 10, 2014 |  Original Post

The Elm – Simplified, Brilliant

Not only has Chef Liebrandt successfully adapted his cuisine for the neighborhood, his cuisine has become better for it.

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: May 04, 2014 |  Original Post

Butter Restaurant Review

I was impressed by the culinary focus at Butter. Each dish was executed carefully, befitting of the midtown business clientele.

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Apr 05, 2014 |  Original Post

Ariana – Approachably Russian

Ariana presents a facet of Russian cuisine that we normally don't get to experience, in a comfortable setting on Houston Street.

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Mar 23, 2014 |  Original Post

Sunday Brunch at Ai Fiori

If you have the means, and want to taste a different side of Michael White's cooking, then this is not to be missed.

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Mar 11, 2014 |  Original Post

Out of NYC – Lucé Review

On this particular Sunday, Luce felt like personalized private dining.

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Mar 06, 2014 |  Original Post

County NYC Review

County holds a lot of promise. There's a bit more flair and variations compared to ABC Kitchen, but also lacks a bit of the consistency.

Blog: Eat Big Apple
Posted on: Feb 27, 2014 |  Original Post

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