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George Stella’s Southwestern Low Carb Chili Con Carne

  I just love Celebrity Chef George Stella. He’s a real inspiration to me. It’s hard to believe that he once weighed 467 pounds! He had congestive heart ...
Blog: Moms Own Words
Posted on: Oct 02, 2014  | Orignal Post

Torino, Italian Restaurant in New York, NY

Now, that was a fantastic appetizer: not only because of the burrata that was perfectly creamy, but also because of the pairing of the cheese with the fresh figs that gave ...
Blog: I just want to eat!
Posted on: Oct 02, 2014  | Orignal Post

The Glorious Brick Chicken @ Maysville

Maysville pitches itself as a whiskey bar and restaurant, and indeed it delivers on alcohol (and food) in spades, as evident from the glowing display of bottles behind the ...
Blog: Han + Diana Eats! A Food Blog
Posted on: Oct 01, 2014  | Orignal Post

Crazy for Kale! 8 Kale Recipes, Thanks to Pinterest!

Happy kale day! Don’t you just love random food holidays? To commemorate the occasion, I took to pinterest to find some kale-centric recipes to try! 1. Kale and cheese ...
Blog: Eat and Sip in the City
Posted on: Oct 01, 2014  | Orignal Post

Scenes From The Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival 2014

Wine, food, cocktails, cheese, meat, chocolate, more wine, and a stunning scenery. My friends and I were in heaven at The Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival, one of my ...
Blog: Confessions of a Chocoholic
Posted on: Oct 01, 2014  | Orignal Post

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